Continuing Education

Continuing Education

phoenix3 October 3, 2019 0 Comments

The ability to recognize opportunities is the catalyst for achieving results. Identification of entrepreneurial opportunities comes through an understanding of creative and innovative processes. One strategy for the recognition of opportunities is for any entrepreneur to be consciously aware of shifts, changes, or movements in an industry environment that could be the spark for new ideas. Prior knowledge, attained through professional and personal life experiences, is an entrepreneur’s internal translator for opportunity recognition. It is through this skill-set that you, as an entrepreneur, can see a need, which has been ignored or unobserved by others and use the need to develop a new product or service. Prior knowledge or experiences produce responses derived from mental and emotional associations. These learned responses can be unconscious. They can fuel and focus your creativity and innovative processes. The information learned from jobs, schools, and other personal experiences enable an entrepreneur to analyze trends, demographic or social shifts or unexpected occurrences to create clear new visions for future enterprises that initiate successful and profitable change. The ability to recognize opportunities is a continuous element in any successful entrepreneur’s life. Never Stop Learning.

Moya B. 

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