Read the Signs

Read the Signs

phoenix3 September 13, 2019 0 Comments

No expected promotion. Rumors of eliminated job positions. A hiring freeze. If you’re looking for a sign, this is it. The sign guides the decision. There is never a “perfect” time to start a business. However, your passion for the concept demands an action step. In the United States, small businesses account for 47.5% of employment share, as reported by SBA 2018 Small Business Profile. Entrepreneurship begins with a plan to solve a problem, meet a need, or further a cause. Add a desire for control of your time and power over your economic security, and you have another indicator that it is a good day to begin the research for starting your business. Document the resources you’ll need, such as startup and operating capital, business operations education and training, and a supporting team of friends or family members. Understand what and when to outsource. Read the signs. Pursue.-Moya B.

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